Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tutorial Requests

Anyone have any Blender tutorial requests?  I have a couple ideas, but I need to think them through a little more before doing anything with them.  In the mean time, fire away :D


  1. Someone help me! I tried taking your donut tutorial, but I kinda ended up with a powdered donut instead of a glazed one! (Maybe I should playgerize you and write a tutorial about that...?)

    Anyways, here's my file. If you get around to it, can you tell me what I did wrong?

    P.S. I switched some stuff around, and got rid of some textures and then it looked kiiiiiiinda okay....

    P.P.S I guess I kinda know what I did wrong now. I just checked some things.

    P.P.P.S. I'll post my failed renders on my blog.

  2. But I can't help until you either post your file or your images; I already checked both your site and your blog

  3. Okay. I put them up. Sorry for the delay.