Saturday, October 16, 2010

Technically Second Video Tutorial

Hello, everyone!  This is technically my second video tutorial; I recorded a first one on a different topic, but it was 18 minutes, so I couldn't find a place to upload it.  I'll redo it sometime soon and divide it into two parts.  As it is, here's a tutorial.  Sorry about the subject; I tried to a different one after this, as I wanted to do a tut where the viewer never had to leave blender and go into a separate program, but it was getting too late in the day, so I've stuck with this one for now.  In other words, ignore the 'This is SSimpossible again' as it's only again to me, and not to you ;)  So I guess this tutorial was more of a test; just something for me to practice, and a way for you to possibly get used to my terrible voice.

P.S. Sorry for all the mistakes
P.P.S. I noticed there was a strange glitch at the end where the cursor remained the same as the one in SketchUp; oops...

A Little Help?

Hey everyone!  I've recorded my first video tutorial, but it's 18 minutes long.  That means I can't upload it on youtube, and vimeo's never worked for me.  For some reason when I try to upload videos to it, it just doesn't do anything!  The Recording is an avi file; does anyone know how I can get it up somewhere so people can follow it?!  I can't upload it directly to my blog either; it'll compress it too badly...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Video Tutorials

What do you think?  Should I start writing video tutorials?  They take up a lot less of my time, so I would have huge delays like this if I did them.  I need input on this before it'll happen, though.  If I do, I'll start by re-doing the Magnifying glass tutorial, this time completing it.  And I won't have so many tutorial parts either.