Saturday, July 17, 2010

Neon Glow Node

Anyone who wants this node I created and grouped, here's the link. After downloading the file, open up the .blend you want to use it in. Click on file, and select 'Append or Link'. Find the node .blend file, and click on it; then select 'Node' from the different options there. Finally, click on the node that I created. In the compositing window, press the spacebar to pull up the 'Add' menu. Hover over 'Groups' and select the node. Connect your image input to all of the input values in the neon glow node, and the black value input as well (don't connect anything to the white value input). Render it, and you'll get an effect like this (shown above). Hope this made sense (not sure if it did), but anyway, hope you can find good use for it! This node can be used for all personal and commercial use.

Download The Node

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